Chaintreuil | Jensen | Stark Architects

FIRM: Sustainability

At Chaintreuil | Jensen | Stark Architects, sustainable design is seen as an opportunity to thoughtfully integrate buildings into their specific sites with minimal impact upon the local ecosystem.

Many professionals on staff are well versed with green practices and are motivated to utilize their knowledge with each new design problem presented. Consultants that specialize in the field of sustainability collaborate with our designers to increase the lifespan of the building and decrease its overall energy consumption.

CJS Architects has helped to design multiple projects that sought to embrace sustainable design. In 2008, Strong National Museum of Play received LEED Silver Certification. In 2010, the Administrative Services Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology received LEED Platinum Certification, becoming the first university building to achieve LEED Platinum in New York State under LEED NCv2.2. CJS Architects' new Buffalo office is actively seeking LEED Silver Certification.